The New Adventure & Minimal Planning

Being on the road constantly is exhausting.

Cashiers North Carolina Land Rover Defender Camping Hiking Leather GoodsHe Followed Me So I Kept Him

You have to plan a lot of logistics...well you would maybe if you weren't us... or maybe you are more like us. Last minute, winging it , deciding on the fly & everything falling into place because you can accept the minor hiccups and uncomfortable moments that winging it can bring. All because you know that the best kind of memories, the best kind of life happens from this bizarre form of dreams meet uncertainty. Take for instance this would be great photo where I was trying to fix my hair while holding my sunglasses....I was happy right then. Sunglasses in my teeth and all. So it works because it was a real moment.

Heartland Cyclone 4200 Fifth Wheel Full Time RV Fulltime RV        

I Swear it Looked Smaller on the Lot


Around a year ago we got tired of rushing to shows for my business while using Lance's vacation time & never having any extra time left over for fun. We were rolling to shows in our 77' Airstream we had restored and we were digging the lack of responsibility. By this past January we got serious. We had some last upgrades we needed to handle on our home. We swallowed a lot of uncertainty and we bet the house & the job on a new life. The House SOLD. A lot of Stuff SOLD. And Lance gave Notice....Commence the enormous task of storing what you did keep! Trust me August in South GA is nothing to dismiss. Through the sweat & countless hours of moving we finally finished with 12 hours to spare before being forced to evacuate early because of Hurricane Irma.

Mackinac Island Michigan Pure Michigan Travel Tourist Full Time RV GlampingOn Mackinac Island, Michigan where they are hiding crystal clear lakes


You know how you have those Big & Small & Oddly Shaped Dreams? We knew standing where we were would not get us where wanted to be. Largely living in Europe part of (eventually all) of the year, Building a business bringing over Land Rover Defenders (notice that sweet looking ride in the pic?) & really finding a place in the mean time that would feel good to call home. Know of Any? Maybe Colorado?

Land Rover Defender Defender 90 Outland Defenders Overland Expedition AdventureCashiers, NC Rolling Around the Lake on a Saturday

And here we are. One Month on the Road in our giant Fifth Wheel finishing up the last of our commitments on the East Coast in the next couple of weeks & then heading out for good to find Home. The Studio is now mobile, we have a T-shirt line in the works & I'm working on a separate project to document what it really takes to get the BIG Dreams to manifest. The Day to Day Hustle of real change. There's a large community out here doing this now. It's not the norm but it will be. So Ask any questions. I'm not shy. And I'm here to cheer you on too. Cheers to BIG GOALS that do come true.








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Sandi Robinson

Hey Aspen! It’s great to see you out there. This is an amazing adventure. Sure. Uncertainty, fun and fear. But mostly, memories. Good ones. Your family will forever treasure this time together. Can’t put a price tag on that ! I’ll be following you for updates. Stay safe and I hope to see you at a show real soon.
(Mandi’s mom :)


We are So excited for you guys. You always make me laugh with either memories or what is happening in the now. Live the Dream because you only get one chance at it! I am thankful that our paths crossed & hopefully will cross again but until then…….keep the stories coming. ❤️


He followed so I kept him! Love it! So proud of you my friend! And you look amazing in these pix!


You guys look sooooo happy! And that 5th wheel is huuuuuuuge! I am so proud of your desire and visceral fortitude to plunge into your dreams. I’m here rooting you on. You continue to inspire me. I miss you terrivly tho. I miss our misery-loves-company retail shenanigans. ? But most of all I’m happy to have you as a friend. ❤️

Lisa / Yellow Daisy Paper Co.

I’m so happy for you guys. This is a great experience (the good with the bad) that you will never forget, and that’s what life is all about! I love seeing the photos of your travels so keep posting! Best Wishes ?

Angie Mock

So happy for your little family…but, we miss you guys!


This!!!! My heart is singing for you all friend! You inspire me on the daily! Thank you for doing the damn thing and helping us believe we can too.

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